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Nothing—not even makeup—should get in the way of your wedding day.

Having a good plan beforehand, and deciding on a look with a professional MUA will ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible. If you’re still wandering through the land of indecision that is wedding planning, not sure of how you’ll do your makeup on the wedding day, we have a few tips that can help.

Read on to discover 7 of our favourite uncomplicated, elegant wedding looks that you can apply on your special day.


Wedding cake, wedding venue, wedding dress. Add wedding before any word and watch the price skyrocket.

Everyone has a budget to stick to when it comes to wedding planning. All those little things add up, and the next thing you know you are thousands of dollars over budget. Oh no!

For the sake of keeping things within budget, you might consider doing your own makeup. This is a completely viable option and there are plenty of tutorials out there to help. But for the sake of a less stressful wedding day, you might want to consider hiring a professional MUA to get the job done for you and your bridal party. It’s a small price to pay so that you can spend more time enjoying your day.


When choosing a wedding makeup look, there are a few things to consider.

Hair colour: What naturally works for you? Natural or neutral tones tend to complement dark hair, while lighter and brighter tones work well with blonde hair.

Eye colour: Certain tones of eyeshadow will accentuate the natural colour of your eyes. Play around with a few different shades to see what brings the light out of the windows to your soul.

Theme/Uniquely You: What do you like the most about your everyday look? What’s your go-to makeup style? If something works, there’s no need to fix it. Also, if you’re having a themed wedding, consider a look that plays off of that theme.

Venue: Think of how you’ll present yourself within the wedding venue. A natural look may work well with a rustic, outdoor setting. A more glamourous look may fit right in at a luxury hotel-style reception.

At the end of the day, it’s all about what you want! Whether you opt for a professional or go solo, here are a few of our favourite uncomplicated wedding looks that you can wear on your wedding day.



@fernandohervas_mua using our Face Base Luminous Foundation and Skin Veil

Just enough bold, feminine energy; a glam look will make you feel like the star of the evening. Keep the brows natural, with a golden/copper touch around the eyes.

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, go for a dramatic cat eye.


@kellsiebainmakeup Librarian Lipstick & Toffee Cream Gloss

Be completely you. A natural look is great for an all-day affair, ensuring you won’t have to touch up as much throughout the day. Even if the look wears off into the evening, it will hardly be noticeable by your guests.


@makeupbyenrica wearing Face Base, Glow Palette, Ballerina and Toffee Cream

A nude lip and subtle eyeshadow are key to a romantic wedding day look. Highlight the dimples of the cheeks for a more sunkissed vibe.


Layer on the mascara with thick and full eyelashes and a little smokey eye. Keep this bold look balanced out with a neutral lip colour and you’re good to go. For more longevity, don’t forget to apply a Flawless Finish Face Primer.


We love, love, LOVE a smokey eye. If done just right, it makes your whole face glow through the contrast of darker eye tones. Play around with tones that bring out your natural eye colour. Apply a bit of Pink Flesh Concealer to keep caking at bay throughout the day.


The ever classic red lip. This timeless look is a wedding makeup staple. Apply some Lip Prep Primer before putting on a red hue that best accentuates your skin tone.


@nathan_kake_mua. Having a wedding that’s a bit more thematic? A vintage look may be just right for you. Start with a neutral, natural base. Go a bit light on the bronzer. From there you go as over the top as you’d like with vintage elements (e.g. winged eyeliner, bright lip tones, etc.).


While many MUAs will be able to create the look you desire. You’ll want to find an artist with a background in weddings. They can work with you to create a long-lasting look that matches the theme of your wedding.

Our wedding MUAs in Sorrento and greater Melbourne are here to bring your creative wedding makeup vision to life. Contact us to book your initial consultation and schedule your hair & makeup trial today.


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