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Our Story

We started as a small beauty studio with the goal of becoming the best in the world.


Green Beauty

All of our cosmetic formulas are organic and made with natural ingredients. This means that the majority of our products are safe for you to use, and they are gentle on your skin.


We believe in being kind to all creatures, big and small. That's why we would never dream of testing our products on animals.

Professional Care

We only use professional products that have been proven to be effective. We never compromise on quality.

Non-Toxic Formula

We want what's best for you, so you can trust that our team only uses nontoxic ingredients in all of our products. You're important to us, and we appreciate your business!

Personalised Experience

At this salon, each and every customer is our favourite. Come and make sure that our service is exceptional.

We Love What We Do

People that you'll meet in our studio are passionate about their work. Come and make sure there is a difference.

Our Story

Hi friends! I’m Nadine, the founder of Nadine’s Hair & Beauty. I would love to meet you all in person, but if that’s not possible at the moment, let me introduce myself. I’m certain that a new haircut, professional makeup is a pretty easy way to make your day or week better. I guarantee that you will appreciate the atmosphere of our place. looking forward to meeting you!

– Nadine Melhem

Our Team

Team Member Nadine Melhem Founder – Master Hair & Make-Up Stylist
Team Member
Nadine Melhem
Founder – Master Hair & Make-Up Stylist

Nadine is the founder and soulmate of our company. She is passionate about her job and motivates each team member to be their best. Nadine has 15+ years of experience working as a hair and makeup stylist. 5 years ago, she decided to create her own studio called Nadine's Hair & Beauty. Nadine's Hair & Beauty was created with the goal to become the best studio in the world. Our motto is "no compromises." Come visit us and see for yourself that we are serious about being the best!

Our Products

All of our products have not been tested on animals, and we pledge to never test on animals in the future. We want you to feel good about using our products, knowing that they have not caused any harm. Each of our products is subject to strict control by Keune & Runaway Room.

Keune is a Dutch brand and has been making products since 1922. The Keune brand aims to develop the highest quality products and actively works to work with suppliers who share a sustainable approach.

Store is a brand built on the foundations of quality Australian Made products, clean ingredients, innovation, ethics and exceptional service.

Our purpose has always been to make people look and more importantly ‘feel’ their best.

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