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Blonding Tips Just In Time For Summer

Many are relishing the increase in sunshine and warmth that comes with the transition from spring to summer. The temperature isn’t the only thing that’s heating up. This season transition also means blonding services increase significantly. On the hunt for the latest balayage and babylight trends, clients look to stylists for their expertise. In addition to the proper placement and complimentary tone, hairdressers must also maintain the hair’s integrity. Lightening services can be harsh for the hair, so cutting down on damage is critical to a style’s longevity. This is where Keune’s Healthy Blonde Program can help!


While beautiful color is always the goal, solid and resilient results are too. Keune’s Healthy Blonde Program can help you achieve both. 

For your healthiest blonde yet, Keune has added Bond Fuser technology to their Ultimate Blonde Power Blonde and Cream Blonde lightening powders and Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment. Clients can also experience this complex in their home maintenance routine with Care Silver Savior ShampooConditioner, and Foam Treatment. This allows stylists to achieve up to nine levels of lift with less worry and provides specialized aftercare that continues to repair the hair’s outer structure.


Bonder Fuser is a natural, plant-based complex containing amino acids and glucose. Using a lightening product with Bond Fuser technology affects 100% of the hair’s internal structure. It shields existing disulfide bonds and creates new bonds, helping to protect and repair the hair’s integrity. The ingredients are automatically activated during the lifting process.



Ultimate Blonde Power Blonde — Formulated with Perfect Lift and Bond Fuser technology, you’ll be able to achieve up to eight levels of lift with maximum protection. Utilize this lightener when placing foils or full-head applications.

Cream Blonde — Ideal for a slow and steady application where time control is needed, Cream Blonde can gently lift up to seven levels. This formula is excellent for highly sensitized hair and can be used in foils and full-head applications.


Ultimate Blonde Neutralizing Spray – Use this genius professional-only spray* on wet or dry hair to neutralize unwanted brassiness. It’s also perfect for revealing or emphasizing cool shades and ashy highlights. Spray directly on the hair after service to neutralize brassiness before toning with Semi Color. For a more intense result, leave it in the hair. For a less intense result, rinse it out.

Ultimate Blonde After Blonde Treatment — Provide clients with a nourishing treatment following their lightening service. This formula protects the hair’s outer structure and promotes soft strands and a healthy finish. Simply apply to towel-dried hair, leave on for 1-3 minutes, rinse and style as desired. 


Care Silver Savior Foam Treatment — This leave-in conditioning foam treatment can be used in the salon and at home to restore tone and rejuvenate strength. Violet pigments counteract warmth and unwanted tones in the hair to neutralize brassiness. At the same time, provitamin B5 nourishes the hair and provides a soft and sultry finish.

Care Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner — Now with integrated Bond Fuser technology, use this cleaning and conditioning duo as often as needed to maintain your best blonde, silver, or white shade. Also formulated with violet pigments to counteract warmth, Silver Savior Shampoo and Conditioner will strengthen hair to counteract future damage or breakage.


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